Sanchezia Nobilis, Tiger Plant, Aphelandra – Plant

At least 3-6 hours of preferably morning sunlight a day is ideal for plant to grow well and natural indirect bright light for the rest of the day.



Enjoy the colorful tropical view by growing an excellent Sanchezia foliage plant.

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1 Sanchezia Nobilis, Tiger Plant, Aphelandra – Plant
2 5 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)
Sanchezia is perennial evergreen shrub in Acanthaceae family. It has dark green foliage with striking white, cream, or gold veins. Sanchezia has an upright habit and the flowers are in small clusters on slender flower spikes at the stem tips. Each flower cluster has a red bract at its base.

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