Mosambi, Sweet Lime (Grafted) – Plant

The soil should be well drained and fertile rich in oragnic content.



Sweet lime growing tree of the genus citrus also known as Sweet lemon. Sweet lime grow as perennial evergreen with vigorous thorns. It can grow in tropical, subtropical or mediterranean climate.
What makes it special:
Powerhouse of Vitamin C.
Detoxifies the body.
Perfect plant for outdoor.
Strengthens Hair.
mosambi belongs to the Rutaceae family. The taste of mosambi is slightly tart to extremely sweet when ripe. The branches are smooth, branch irregularly and bear numerous thorns. It bears fragrant white flowers and the unripe green fruit turns to yellow on ripening.

The fruits ripen only on the tree and once they are picked they do not ripen further. Hence only ripe fruits should be bought.

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