Kadam Tree, Kadamb – Plant

As rule of thumb, Water the plant thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.



Kadamba is an evergreen, tropical tree. It has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped cluste
What makes it special:
The fragrant orange flowers attract Honey-bees
The tree is grown along avenues,roadsides and villages for shade.
Kadamb flowers are used for the production perfumes with sandalwood base.
Kadamba large sized tree with a broad crown and straight cylindrical stem. The tree may reach a height of 45 m. The tree sometimes has small buttresses and a broad crown. Its branches are almost perpendicular to main stem.

Kadamb is a deciduous tree which grows throughout India, especially at low level places. The crown is umbrella-shaped and the branches are characteristically arranged in tie Flowers orange, small, in dense, globose heads. They appear like solid, hairy orange balls. The fruits are small capsules, packed closely together to form a fleshy, yellow or orange colored infructescence containing approx. 8,000 seeds.

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