Juniper, Juniperous Erecta – Plant

Junipers can occasionally be affected by fungal diseases, but these can be prevented by planting in well-draining soil, and taking care not to space your junipers too close together.



These evergreen conifers feature leaves that can either be like needles or scales, looks beautiful.

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1 Juniper, Juniperous Erecta – Plant
2 5 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)
There are more than 170 cultivated varieties of juniper, including low-growing ground cover or edging plants, shrubs and trees. The shapes include narrow columns, tight pyramids, and rounded forms that spread as wide as their height or more.The fragrant foliage can be either needles or overlapping scales.

Some shrubs have both types of foliage because the leaves start out as needles and transition to scales as they mature.Juniper shrubs are either male or female. The male flowers provide the pollen for the female flowers, and once pollinated, the females produce berries or cones. One male shrub can provide pollen for several females.

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