Jade Bonsai – Plant

Do the re-potting late evening and keep the plant in shady area for 2 to 3 days and then move the plant in its suitable climatic condition.



Bonsai is closely resembling circumstances in nature. These styles are open to personal interpretation and creativity of nature.

What makes it special:
A Bonsai tree is a replication of nature.
Enhance the aesthetic appeal.
A tree which is planted in a shallow container.
Best for both indoor and outdoor.
The jade tree plant is part of a plant classification known as succulents. The jade plant has thick, glossy, deep green, oval-shaped leaves and thick, brown stems.The Jade has a thick trunk and a fine branch structure with thick oval green succulent leaves.

During autumn sometimes small white flowers appear, but only when the tree has experienced droughts in the season. The bark is green and soft when young, becoming red-brown when it ages.Idea location for this bonsai is the sunny window sill, terrace, balcony, patio, outdoor garden, etc.

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