Ficus iceland Bonsai – Plant

Leaf drop is a ficus trees standard reaction to stress, whether its from any of the following:Under watering or over watering, Low humidity, Too little light, Relocation or repotting, Drafts, Range in temperature (too hot or cold).



Ficus Iceland Bonsai Plant is one of the most popular indoor plants which are quite useful in decorating your home interiors in a beautiful way.

Bonsai is the artificial production of natural tree forms in a miniature appearance. Ficus bonsai has a shape of its strong roots, stems, and small alternating oval shape with dark green leaves.

It has a number of heavy, thick aerial exposed roots that appear like trunks than a natural root.

Plant Specifications
Common Name Ficus bonsai
Maximum Reachable Height upto 35 cm
Difficulty Level easy to medium

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