Clerodendrum Inerme (Koinal) – Plant

Trimming the plant keeps the hedges in shape and also promotes production of new branches and leaves to fill up the gaps.



C. inerme is an evergreen mangrove plant, which has found a place in our gardens, is able to thrive near the ocean at the high tide mark, making it a potential weed in the coastal environment.

This erect, sprawling or climbing shrub grows to heights of up to 6 metre. The stems are woody, and smooth. The opposite, simple leaves are ovate or elliptic, usually 3-10 cm long, 1-4 cm wide, the apex obtuse to shortly acuminate, the base more or less rounded.
The margins are entire, and the petiole is from 5 mm to 2 cm long. The leaves are green, smooth, with a slightly shiny upper surface.

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