Chinese Banyan, Ficus Microcarpa nitida (Retusa) – Plant

At least 3-6 hours of preferably morning sunlight a day is ideal for plant to grow well and natural indirect bright light for the rest of the day.



Make your home garden attractive and beautiful by growing an excellent tropical foliage plant.

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1 Chinese Banyan, Ficus Microcarpa nitida (Retusa) – Plant
Ficus microcarpa is an evergreen tree in Moraceae family with a rounded dense crown, smooth gray bark, milky sap, and long, thin, dangling aerial roots. Leaves alternate, simple, leathery, deep glossy green, oval elliptic to diamond shaped.

Flowers tiny, unisexual, numerous, hidden within the,fig, a fleshy, specialized receptacle that develops into multiple fruits.
Plant Specifications
Plant Height 12 inch (30 cm)
Plant Spread 6 inch (15 cm)

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