Banana – G9, Kela – Plant

In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called plantains, in contrast to dessert bananas.



Growing Banana plant is an easy way to add a tropical flair to your garden. When you know that it has a unique leaf shape, edible fruits and how to care for Banana plants, you will be rewarded with many years of edible fruits.

What makes it special:
One of the best garden fruit plants.
Low maintenance plant.
It is devoutly religious plant.
This product does not have the flowers and fruits at the time of shipping. After, 9-10 months, the plant will bloom and have beautiful fruits.

Banana is the fruit of a plant of the genus Musa and Musaceae family, which is cultivated primarily for food and secondarily for the production of fibre used in the textile industry are also cultivated for ornamental purposes.The banana is an edible fruit, botanically a berry, produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants.Almost all the modern edible bananas come from the two wild species, Musa acuminata, Musa balbisiana. Bananas are vigorously growing, monocotyledonous herbaceous plants.This banana is not a tree but a high herb that can attain up to 4 meters of height.

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