Adulsa, Malabar Nut – Plant

Regular irrigation and weeding are necessary. Harvesting is at the end of second or third year.



It is a very important medicinal herb where leaf, root, flower and whole plant is used for many drug formulations. It is a tall, much-branched, dense, evergreen shrub, with large, lance-shaped leaves.

Adhatoda vasica is a small evergreen plant, of the Acanthaceae family, with broad, lanceolate leaves measuring 10 to 16 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters wide. They become greenish-brown when dried. They have a smell similar to strong tea.The wood of the stem is soft and makes a great charcoal for gunpowder.

The flower has large, attractive, white petals, streaked with purple on the lower lip. The fruit is a small capsule with four seeds.

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